Sunday, 23 August 2015

Armoured Vehicle, Car, SUV's, in Kenya

               Armoured Vehicle, Car, SUV's, in Kenya

 MSPV supplies armoured vehicles to fulfil the high security needs of ministries, embassies, security agencies, NGOs, defence, commercial sectors and all individuals living in hostile and riot hit geographies. We have a comprehensiveSchedule product range of armoured cars or SUVs,armoured pick-ups, armoured vans/buses, armoured cash-in-transit vehicles.

Our armoured cars offer the highest level of safety in our industry, and it isn't even close. Each of our Armoured Vehicle undergoes rigorous ballistics testing to assure safety in every instance. Government officials and Private Security Personnel have relied on this vehicle as the Armoured Vehicle  of choice when seeking protection in a variety of hostile environments around the world. Available in VIP, CIT and Personnel transport configurations.

MSPV Armoured Vehicle  offering safe and secure transport for use in hostile environments. Whether your requirement is for armoured SUV’s, armoured buses, Luxury armoured cars, armoured Cash in Transit vehicles or even armoured Ambulances, MSPV have the capabilities of designing and manufacturing vehicles to your exact specification.

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