Monday, 27 July 2015

Bulletproof Vehicle, Car, SUV's in Kenya

Whether your requirement is for Bulletproof ‪SUV’s , Armoured Buses ,‎ Luxury Bulletproof Cars , Cash in Transit vehicles or even armored Ambulances , MSPV have the capabilities of designing and Manufacturing Bulletproof vehicles to your exact specification. We offer our clients safe and secure transport for use in hostile environments. Our competitive pricing, our excellent quality standards and our high-level customer service makes MSPV your next obvious choice for your next armored vehicle acquisition.

For more information on our Armoured Vehicles or to discuss any aspect of the Security Product that we provide, please use these contact details to get in touch with us today.  Call at +254 202 400318 or send mail at,

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Armoured Vehicles, Cars, Trucks in Kenya

MSPV is a manufacturer of Armoured Vehicles, Cars, SUVs, Military Trucks and cash-in-transit vehicles for executive protection.  Our Armoured Vehicles are the perfect choice for a variety of customers including military and peacekeeping forces, police forces, border patrols, security companies, NGO's, embassies, and all organisations and individuals living and working in hostile or high-risk environments.

For more information visit  or call at +254 202 400318 or send mail at,